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Colorado Knox Club: Knox on the Rox (2014)

John Healey '72, Gene Rose P'15, Mary Rose GP'15 (proudly wearing her "Grandparent" nametag),  Olivia Mayer P15, and Betsy Boccard Healey '75 at Colorado's Roxborough State Park.  
Martin Stuber '77, Anita Traher Gilbertson '69, Colleen Cullen '88, and Georgine Kyda '83 represent three of the five decades of alumni that attended this event in the foothills southwest of Denver.  
John '72 and Betsy Boccard Healey '75 begin their presentation on the geology and archaeology of Roxborough State Park. Betsy has authored the archaeology training materials and literature for Roxborough.  
Betsy Boccard Healey '75 discusses the turn of the century buildings in Roxborough State Park.  
Rob Culbertson, Peggy Swanson-Culbertson '71, Carol Brown '99, Anya Veprinsky, Gregg Walters '72, and Roger Gilbertson  
Jim Pogue '80, Mary Ellen Pogue, and Olivia Mayer P'15 (Payton Rose '15)  
Jim Horner '62, Pam Horner, Lindon Lewis '72, Clay Hunter, and Nancy Bakos Hunter '73  
Carol Brown '99, Director of Alumni Programs, presents Betsy Boccard Healey '75 and John Healey '72 "KNOX" water bottles in appreciation of their "Knox on the Rox" talk and hike.  
Martin Stuber '77 poses by the Fountain Valley Trail sign as the 2.2 mile hike begins..  
Betsy Boccard Healey '75 takes a moment to give the group some information about Colorado history.  
During the hike, John '72 and Betsy Boccard Healey '75 stop on occasion  to offer information on U.S. history, ecology, geology,  archaeology, habitats, and wildflower identification.  
Nancy Bakos Hunter '73, Ann Feldman Perille '76, and Linda Pohle '69  
Walking along the scenic Fountain Valley Trail on a beautiful May morning.  
Ellie with her mother, Colleen Cullen '88, and Carrie Klauber with her daughter, Eva.  
Winding through the Fountain Valley, fortunately, the mountain lions, black bears, and rattlesnakes that inhabit the Park did not make an appearance...only birds, beehives, and small mammals.  
With his wife Anya Veprinsky looking on, Gregg Walters '72 wins a "KNOX" decal.  
Before departing the post-hike lunch at the Waterton Tavern, Rachel Talpers '11, Eve Sacket '12, and Betsy Boccard Healey '75 pause for a photo.  
Anne Weiher '68, Rachel Talpers '11, Eve Sackett '12, and Knox guest Carol Brown '99, Director of Alumni Programs, at the Colorado Knox Club "Knox on the Rox" event on May 3, 2014.  
John Healey '75 provides some detailed geological information at the highest elevation point of the hike and discusses the power of uplift and erosion over millions of years.  
Peggy Swanson-Culbertson '71 and Rob Culbertson pose for a photo  

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