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Alumni Trustee Nomination Form
Alumni Association Awards Nomination Form

General Remarks

Each year, all Knox College alumni are invited to nominate an alumnus or alumna for the position of Alumni Trustee. To be eligible, a nominee must have completed a minimum of one year of study at Knox. Nominations are sent to the Alumni Relations Office and reviewed by a committee of alumni, which forwards the name of one candidate to the chair of the Committee on Trustees of the Board of Trustees. After review, the candidate takes office at the invitation of the Board of Trustees. Alumni Trustees are appointed to a term of up to four years and have all the rights and responsibilities of a member of the Board. At any time, at least one of the four sitting Alumni Trustees shall be a "recent graduate," which means being within four years of graduation at the time of nomination.

In considering a nomination, please keep in mind the important and varied responsibilities of a trustee. Trustees bear the ultimate responsibility for the well-being of Knox College. They must provide personal philanthropic support and actively assist its fund-raising efforts; deliberate and decide issues of policy and planning; make legal, fiduciary and financial decisions for the College; promote the College; serve on trustee committees; attend College functions; and help select a new president when required. A potential trustee must have a high level of commitment to Knox College, an appreciation of the value of a liberal arts education, a genuine interest in young people, and an established record of personal and professional accomplishment. In addition, the Board actively seeks diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, political persuasion, occupation, age and geographical location in its membership.

To determine the degree of interest, qualifications, expertise and other information needed to complete this form, the nominator is encouraged to initiate discussion with the candidate.

The post of Alumni Trustee is a substantial honor and responsibility.

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