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Homecoming 2013 Attendee List


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Homecoming 2013 Attendee List
Friday, October 18 - Sunday, October 20, 2013

Come Home to Knox to
  • Attend classes with current Knox students.
  • Mingle at the "Taste of Galesburg" All-Class Reception.
  • Cheer on the Prairie Fire football team.
And much more!

Classes ending with an "3" or "8" will celebrate a Reunion in 2013

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 AnnFeldman(Feldman) Perille (Feldman) Perille (Feldman), Ann(Feldman) Perille (Feldman), AnnHomecoming 2013 Registration19761Education 
 MarthaAbrams Abrams, MarthaAbrams, MarthaHomecoming 2013 RegistrationTyler AdintTyler Adint2008 Chemistry 
 JamesAdams Adams, JamesAdams, JamesHomecoming 2013 Registration1988 Biology 
 AudraAdolphAdolph Adolph, AudraAdolph, AudraHomecoming 2013 Registration2009 PsychologyKarl Bair
 Mary LuHudsonAft Aft (Hudson), Mary LuAft (Hudson), Mary LuHomecoming 2013 Registration19602mathematicsDick Aft
 MelissaAgar Agar, MelissaAgar, MelissaHomecoming 2013 Registration19931Political Science 
 LucyAinsworth Ainsworth, LucyAinsworth, LucyHomecoming 2013 Registration2003 Classics 
 NinaAllenAllen Allen, NinaAllen, NinaHomecoming 2013 Registration1958   
 AndreaAllison Allison, AndreaAllison, AndreaHomecoming 2013 Registration2008 Secondary education & Literature 
 KevinAlphonso Alphonso, KevinAlphonso, KevinHomecoming 2013 Registration2012 Economics 
 BrittanyAlsot Alsot, BrittanyAlsot, BrittanyHomecoming 2013 Registration2008 Creative WritingEleanor Poley
 JuliaAnderson Bauer Anderson Bauer, JuliaAnderson Bauer, JuliaHomecoming 2013 Registration1988 English Literature and History 
 Britt Anderson Anderson, Britt Anderson, Britt Homecoming 2013 Registration2011 Political Science  
 DeanAnderson Anderson, DeanAnderson, DeanHomecoming 2013 Registration1951  Barbara Brunoehler Anderson
 JeanAndersonAnderson Anderson, JeanAnderson, JeanHomecoming 2013 Registration1987 psychology 
 JenniferAnderson Anderson, JenniferAnderson, JenniferHomecoming 2013 Registration19981biology 
 KyleAnderson Anderson, KyleAnderson, KyleHomecoming 2013 Registration Economics 
 LarryAnderson Anderson, LarryAnderson, LarryHomecoming 2013 RegistrationEric AndersonEric Anderson1958 Economics 
 LarryAnderson Anderson, LarryAnderson, LarryHomecoming 2013 RegistrationEric AndersonEric Anderson1958   
 TerryAnspach Anspach, TerryAnspach, TerryHomecoming 2013 RegistrationFred BaysaFred Baysa1963   
 KatherineArfken Arfken, KatherineArfken, KatherineHomecoming 2013 Registration19931Theatre 
 SusanArjmand Arjmand, SusanArjmand, SusanHomecoming 2013 Registration19831  
 ColeAtcheson Atcheson, ColeAtcheson, ColeHomecoming 2013 Registration20131English Literature 
 NancyPerinAXMACHER AXMACHER (Perin), NancyAXMACHER (Perin), NancyHomecoming 2013 Registration1973 Russian Area Studies 
 StevenBachta Bachta, StevenBachta, StevenHomecoming 2013 Registration2003 BiochemistryKelly Bachta
 WilliamBaffes Baffes, WilliamBaffes, WilliamHomecoming 2013 Registration1958  Joan Walant Baffes
 BarbaraBaird Holowka Baird Holowka, BarbaraBaird Holowka, BarbaraHomecoming 2013 RegistrationJames BairdJames Baird19732Chemistry 
 CarolynBaird Baird, CarolynBaird, CarolynHomecoming 2013 Registration2011 Chemistry 
 RobertBaker Baker, RobertBaker, RobertHomecoming 2013 Registration1960  Susie Baker
 WilliamBaker Baker, WilliamBaker, WilliamHomecoming 2013 Registration1958  Anne Velde Baker
 LeeBalgemann Balgemann, LeeBalgemann, LeeHomecoming 2013 RegistrationKorky DarkKorky Dark19682English 
 EricBallard Ballard, EricBallard, EricHomecoming 2013 Registration2011 envs 
 RebeccaBallard Ballard, RebeccaBallard, RebeccaHomecoming 2013 Registration19931Music 
 TammyBallard Ballard, TammyBallard, TammyHomecoming 2013 Registration1988 Education Carlton
 KellyBarbeau Barbeau, KellyBarbeau, KellyHomecoming 2013 Registration2003 BiologyJaye Barbeau
 BillBarnhart Barnhart, BillBarnhart, BillHomecoming 2013 Registration1968 English Lit. 
 BrettBarnhart Barnhart, BrettBarnhart, BrettHomecoming 2013 RegistrationBridget Barnhart|Broderick Barnhart|Lucy Barnhart|Julia BarnhartBridget Barnhart
Broderick Barnhart
Lucy Barnhart
Julia Barnhart
1992 BiologyHolly Barnhart
 BrynnaBarnhart Barnhart, BrynnaBarnhart, BrynnaHomecoming 2013 RegistrationCasey BlodgettCasey Blodgett2003 Political Science 
 CynthiaBarounis Barounis, CynthiaBarounis, CynthiaHomecoming 2013 Registration2003 English  
 DavidBarton Barton, DavidBarton, DavidHomecoming 2013 Registration2011 Economics 
 HannahBasil Basil, HannahBasil, HannahHomecoming 2013 Registration2013 Economics 
 CameronBassett Bassett, CameronBassett, CameronHomecoming 2013 RegistrationCara Bassett|Cameron Bassett| Jr.Cara Bassett
Cameron Bassett
1988 Economics and Business Admin 
 JoeBastian Bastian, JoeBastian, JoeHomecoming 2013 Registration19671Economics 
 JessicaBauer Bauer, JessicaBauer, JessicaHomecoming 2013 Registration2008 Chemistry 
 MarthaBaumgarten Baumgarten Baumgarten (Baumgarten ), MarthaBaumgarten (Baumgarten ), MarthaHomecoming 2013 Registration2011 Elementary Educational Studies 
 DougBayer Bayer, DougBayer, DougHomecoming 2013 Registration1966 PhysicsMaria Bayer
 DrewBazan Bazan, DrewBazan, DrewHomecoming 2013 Registration2003 Computer Science 
 Harry JacobBeck Beck, Harry JacobBeck, Harry JacobHomecoming 2013 RegistrationHarry James Beck|Mabel Olive BeckHarry James Beck
Mabel Olive Beck
2003 MusicBrooke